Dream Band

In Heaven there’s a House Band. They’re the band that plays every night, without fail, and they always leave the place stunned by their performance.

On drums is Keith Moon, flailing about and burning a couch after every show.

On keys is Rick Wakeman, though he may not be dead yet. Still here in the land of the living, he’s received his invitation to join ranks with the House Band of Heaven, and he’s accepted. He knows that it’s the gig of a lifetime, even if that particular wording doesn’t make complete sense.

On guitar is Jimi Hendrix, because who didn’t love it when he put his guitar on the ground and conjured flames out of it? That was really cool.

On bass is Paul McCartney. I know, he’s also not dead, but he and John have been talking and it’s been decided that it makes sense.

Speaking of which, John Lennon is in the band. Duh. He does everything. Because he is John Lennon and everyone else, by process of elimination, is not.

On vocals is Steve Perry, also not dead, but definitely in frequent contact with the netherworld. He’s not a necromancer or anything, he just happens to know a few ghosts.

Frequent collaborators include Bob Marley, John Bonham, Miles Davis, and Dizzy Gillespie.

Heaven’s a party, don’t you know?


~ by Jonathan Forisha on August 14, 2008.

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