Just recently this new fixation of mine has developed. It’s pirates.

I don’t know why it developed and I don’t know how, but man it’s there.

I liked the Disney movies of recent years, sure, but they had nothing to do with my newfound love. Since I still have no Summer job, I got a pirate documentary from the library and watched it (it was awesome), then got Treasure Island and read it (aloud) with my girlfriend (we finished it)(it was awesome), and then I started looking for more!

And in my searchings, my ruthless scourings of the interwebs, I came across another guy who had a list of the top ten terrible pirate movies ever made. In the description of each, he would have some offhand comment about how near and dear the whole pirate genre is to his heart – AHA! I’m not alone in my fixation!

That’s the glorious thing about nerdiness: no matter how weird and intense your latest nerd craving might be, there’s someone somewhere that has a similar yearning.

You want to play Starcraft, a computer game that came out something like 11 years ago? No problem, all of South Korea’s with you (it’s their national sport, no joke)!

You want to assemble and paint miniature figurines and then form an army from them and attack other armies? No problem!

You want to buy robot models and piece them together, paint them, and allow them to decorate your bookshelf in a really weird way that I don’t think I’ll ever understand? Awesome, go for it!

People will join you. And let me tell you, that’s got to be the greatest part about the invention of the internet (thanks Al Gore; your tubes have done wonders, m’man), since while it’s gotten bigger and the world’s gotten smaller, you don’t have to worry about your weird quirks anymore.

You can find these other hobbyists in mere minutes of ravaging the internet wastelands, and you can diagnose your strangest medical ailment in but a few visits to some medical forums.

It’s fantastic.



~ by Jonathan Forisha on July 23, 2009.

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