So. Summer ended, sighing as his heat (kind of) dissipated.

School began. I’m now living in an apartment with 3 friends in Denton, naught but two blocks from the very university I attend academic classes.

Started learning Japanese, finally enrolled in my first college Creative Writing class, and still can’t find a job. Fear not! For now I am the nonfiction editor of UNT’s glorious literary journal, the North Texas Review. Huzzah! More on that later.

Been watching a lot of movies, especially since I managed to, at 12:30 AM one fateful night, stand up too quickly from my reading chair. That action sent the top of my foot into the fiery maw of a bar that was protruding far too far away from my bedframe, allowing said fiery maw to make a nice little slash right down my foot.

It bled a lot, I woke a roommate, he helped me clean the mess I had made of the floor, then after awhile of holding some paper towels and gauze on my annihilated foot, we decided to go to sleep. The next morning I thought a trip to the clinic was in order, and after about an hour and a half I exited the place on crutches, my foot bandaged and bearing six brand new staples, a bottle of vicodin in my pocket and armpits that would soon despise me for insisting that crutches were necessary.

And so, a lot of movies. Because walking around sucks on crutches.

However, that’s all said and done and I can walk beautifully once again. In two days my staples come out and then I shall throw the grandest of parties! Even the Duke’s invited! Yaaaaaaarrrr!


~ by Jonathan Forisha on September 16, 2009.

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