China Explores the Deep

Early this Summer, China quietly took to the deepest depths of the ocean in their new submersible. In a constant quest to grow technologically and scientifically, China acquired some 40% of the materials needed for their new craft from abroad and received training from the US in how to properly dive miles into the ocean. The submersible is named Jiaolong, after a mythical Chinese sea dragon.

In a move reminiscent of Russia’s claim to the Arctic seabed some three years ago, China planted a flag once they reached their destination of 3,759 meters below sea-level. China is very inexperienced as far as submersible technology goes, so they’re taking baby-steps; it just so happens that those baby steps are still larger than most any other country on the planet at the moment.  The US used to lead the world in submersibles until it was passed by France, Russia, Japan, and, pretty soon, China.

With China so rapidly putting their strengthening economy to good use in ways such as creating submersibles capable of visiting 99.8% of the ocean’s floors, the Western world is slowly being technologically eclipsed.

All of the recent news regarding China’s hesitation to declare a UN sanction against the hostile acts of North Korea towards South Korea lead many (myself included) to what seems the obvious next step for China: to sail the Jiaolong to the bottom of the ocean and strike up a deal with the Kraken. With the Kraken’s help, navy superiority will be easily achieved and any dreams for world domination will quickly fall into place.

[Source: The New York Times]


~ by Jonathan Forisha on September 12, 2010.

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