Aliens in Chile

Around the time of the massive earthquake in Chile, there were a plethora of UFO sightings. Sixteen, to be precise. Several people reported seeing figures illuminated by light running around, and others claimed to have seen a glowing orb rise out of the ocean.

If you were to look up anything regarding Chile and aliens, it’s hard not to come across an account of Friendship Island. Friendship Island is a long-kept secret in Chile, a fantastical island in which blond people who reportedly have mystical, and sometimes angelic, powers reside. The story began in 1985 when thousands of Chilean citizens witnessed a glowing object fly slowly right over their heads one night. Unfortunately, the fun in the UFO sighting was spoiled when French scientists reported that the orb had been from their stratospheric weather balloon.

The damage, so to speak, had already been done, and as is the case with most possibly paranormal circumstances, nobody cared for the real answer. Down through the years the explanation has developed into a full-fledged historical account of blonds who really seem to be Norwegians in appearance. They have angelic names (Ariel, Michael, etc.), and have a history of curing illnesses.

There are hundreds of tiny islands off the splintered coast of Chile, and Friendship Island could very well be one of them. If one were to read into the accounts of the island and its fantastical denizens, the fun becomes less and less believable, as one man claiming to have been cured of his cancer is proven to have never had cancer at all, his ailment having been something far less terminal.

Still, the joy in the unknown remains, and more than a few Chileans claim that aliens visited them from Friendship Island and warned them of the coming earthquakes, telling them to take heed. I think the moral of this story is that if Norweigan angels fly to your house in a glowing orb and tell you about pending doom, you should listen closely.

[Source: Magonia]


~ by Jonathan Forisha on September 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “Aliens in Chile”

  1. Hi

    Great post. I have just been examining Australian UFO reports in the files of the Royal Australian Air Force. It seems to me that some of these reports are explainable in terms of stratospheric balloon flights. Please take a look at my posts at:

    Thank you.

  2. Has anyone ever documented a visit to Friendship Island?

    • That I’m not sure about. I would certainly like to go and meet these Scandinavian alien men. Don’t they sound like a good time waiting to happen?

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