In the Land of Trees and Rain

Brit and I have started the first big step in our big crazy plan. The plan, in case you aren’t privy, is to find jobs across the country in Portland, OR, and then move there following our friend Josh’s wedding in early August. Neither of us have before been to Portland but we’re convinced from people and life that it is a cool place.

And so today, at 7:15 Dallas time, we boarded a plane and flew four hours across the country. The scenery outside the window was incredibly mountainous and occasionally we were able to catch glimpses of the gremlin that crawled along the wing of the plane, but only occasionally.

The ride featured us reading and talking and shooting spitballs and all the usual tomfoolery, and then we landed with little trouble. We found our host family, Helen and her daughter Caroline, who so graciously decided we would stay with them and they would feed us and give us beds and be really cool. So then they were and we appreciated it.

It was 72 degrees when we landed in Portland, and by now it feels like it’s in the 50s. This is madness, though a change is what we’re after, and the weather is typically the first thing people talk about when mentioning the northwestern US.

I have a list of 54 places that I’m going to apply to, and just past my ticket to the International Beer Fest next weekend (research for jobs, obviously!), I have 50 copies of my resume. Basically the plan is to bombard the working people of Portland with my resume and my writing and my face and maybe samples of my hair until someone decides I’m an upstanding citizen and I should be given a very high paying job.

This whole plan was sketched a few months ago and still feels a bit like a fantasy, so actually being in Portland and getting ready to do what we’ve planned to do is sort of surreal. I won’t be covering this trip as extensively as I covered my road trip with Josh, though I will be updating pretty often.

So stay tuned. Because hopefully Brit and I will be drowning in jobs pretty soon.


~ by Jonathan Forisha on July 10, 2011.

2 Responses to “In the Land of Trees and Rain”

  1. You’ll get your job; just wait and see. I’ve ordered one for you from the Universe. Relax and have fun. The job energy can’t find you if you are worried and giving off negative energy. FEELINGS HAVE POWER!

  2. If Portland isn’t intelligent enough to want you and Brit, they don’t deserve you!

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