On the Road Again

Things have happened, things are happening, and things will happen. Sometimes things slow down and fewer things happen, but things still happen.

After my extensive job searching, I talked to a lady about a job. She told me it was a direct marketing job, which turned out to mean they were selling AT&T Uverse to people, just like the company in Austin that I turned down. Getting frustrated that those were the only jobs that looked kindly upon me, I suddenly heard back from a woman with a company I had applied to weeks earlier.

We chatted on the phone, she seemed nice, and then told me another guy would talk to me if he liked me as well. “When would that be?” asked I. “Within the next few weeks,” said she. I hung up, dismayed, wondering if I could survive for a few more weeks. And then – BOOM – he calls me on that same day and wants to set up an interview in person. From there it developed into that he wants to interview me, take me to lunch, and introduce me to the VP of HR. Me oh my, thought I, knowing I shouldn’t get ahead of myself and get excited.

So that’s where I am. Tomorrow morning I embark on a ten hour road trip to Nashville Tennessee, where I have two interviews, one I’m excited for, and one I’m less excited for. Regardless, there are two and provided that I don’t vomit on their shoes, I stand a reasonably good chance of becoming employed.

On my road trip I will be driving through Arkansas and into Tennessee, meaning that during this tumultuous summer of job hunting and moviemaking, I will have visited nine states (counting Texas). That’s an awful lot of travel for an unemployed, unexperienced college grad. Hopefully it will soon pay off.

Speaking of moviemaking, last night was the official screening of the trailer for our hypothetical horror film Almost, and the premiere of my latest short film, Dr. Nasty. The premiere was a blast and the evening kicked off with a gore-filled watching of Piranha, which disturbed pretty much all present with the realism of all of those fake body parts.

Editing my movies was a bit of a pain. As with editing music, the more time spent on s project, the more convinced I am that it’s horrible and that I should turn and run away from it. Whenever I show it to someone else, however, they seem genuinely pleased with its outcome. I’m not sure if this is a sign that they didn’t expect much in the first place or that it actually sounds/looks fine. I know that, as far as filmmaking is concerned, my audio is the worst part. I’ll definitely be upgrading my equipment soon (the stuff I’m using was a whopping $150, after all), and if my web browser could talk he would tell you that I’m slightly obsessed with reading about cameras. Of course he would have a lot of other things to tell you too, but you shouldn’t really listen to him. I mean, he’s a web browser, what the hell does he know?

Last week, Josh and I (collectively known to our adoring fans as Wacky Sock) created a music video featuring our own rendition of a certain classic song. Josh then tweeted it at the singer of said classic song, who then retweeted it to his many followers, who then watched our video and unleashed their collective brainpower with comments such as “im sure that this man is limp bizkit fan” and “Man boobs”. We enjoyed our brief fame with a crowd we never wanted fame with, and it was fun to receive emails on my phone for every comment that came in.

I must now go and attempt to sleep, as tomorrow will be a long day filled with a long drive. You should be prepared for this blog to once again turn into a travel blog, because it’s actually pretty fun to write and you know that you like reading it.


~ by Jonathan Forisha on September 12, 2011.

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