The Last January Ever

In my last proper entry, I said how sorry I was that I’d neglected you, dear blog. Look, I know. I did it again. I understand that sometimes sorry just isn’t powerful enough of a word – and I also understand that, as a diploma-carrying English major, I’m entitled to create new words whenever I so feel it necessary – but this is not the time for that. In a moment like this, all I can do is quickly (probably not so quickly by the time I finish this) recap you on my life of late. Because we all know that’s what you live for, blog.

The last time we spoke, it wasn’t even Thanksgiving. I’d been in Nashville for a little over a month. Now it’s 2012 and we’re living the last January that any of us will ever see. Because, you know, the impending apocalypse and everything.

This was the Thanksgiving dinner that Brit and I ate. It was pretty scrumptious.

It was my first Thanksgiving not spent in Denison, TX, with my family, and that was pretty strange. Instead, we spent it eating a lot and then playing videogames, which somehow made it feel less weird.

I’ve seen all kinds of good movies here, ranging from Martha Marcy May Marlene and Drive to Ides of March and Insidious, all of which were enjoyable. Once I stopped fretting about meeting people (How do you meet people? Where do you meet people? What is it to meet a person? Do we ever really know anyone? Why is my brain melting?), then I met a lot of people, and knowing people does wonders for making you feel more at home in a place.

I’ve now been at my job for three months and no one openly hates me yet. I also don’t hate the job, so I think it’s a generally good situation. I have an aversion to thinking of the job as the beginning of a career not because I hate copywriting, but rather because I’m intent to hang on to my dreams of telling stories and making some kind of living off of it.

Our friend Preston asked that we film him dancing around malls in a goofy Christmas sweater. The video almost instantly went viral and has since gathered 1.5 million views. That number is inexplicably still growing (Don’t they know Christmas is over!), but I doubt it’ll hit the 2 million mark. Here it is, if you happened to have missed it.

Over the summer I wrote a short film, but then I moved here and couldn’t use my friends to star in it anymore. I posted a Craigslist ad, got a lot of weird responses from people (responding to my ad with an email saying simply, “Yeah, sounds fun, I’m in.” doesn’t really pique my interest in your acting abilities), then settled on using some friends I’d met through the local Reddit trivia team. The short came out pretty well and is deep in the sea of editing, but soon enough it’ll be unleashed on the world. Don’t you worry, blog, I’m already writing the next one.

I graduated from college early but still have this weird fear that I’m wasting my time and am not being productive enough in trying to make my goals happen. I suppose that’s a healthy fear to have since it constantly drives me to write stuff and try to film things as opposed to sitting around feeling defeated by the overwhelming magnanimity of it all. My New Year’s Resolution was to write every day, with no word count or time limit or anything. I just have to sit down at a computer (maybe I’ll even count hand writing it) and put a word down in whatever story I’m writing. An easy resolution, sure, but I’m hoping it’ll keep the creative juices flowing to the point that beautiful chemistry happens in my noggin and some kind of brilliance is birthed.

Maybe my resolution will also lead to me writing in you more often, dearest blog. Would you like that?

In the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I went to a beer tasting (it was fun), hung out with friends until the wee hours of the day/morning, took a lot of pictures (I still love my camera), and basically just enjoyed being in a new city. For the first time, my Texan plates and license make me the oddball, and even though most people in Nashville aren’t from Nashville, Dallas sounds mildly exotic. Things are going well, could be a million times worse, and there’s a certain sense of complete uncertainty about the future that, at least for the moment, is exhilarating.

For Christmas I went back to the motherland, though, and there I realized the truth of the alleged flatness of north Texas. Yes, I’d been around it all my life, and after returning from Portland it certainly did seem very flat in comparison, but it took living in hilly Nashville for three months to really get it. Dallas is super flat. But it’s okay; it just requires a different kind of love.

I hung out with my family (including Bo the corgi and Baron von Forkenspoon the soul-eating black cat), spent some quality time with the Christmas tree and fireplace, and saw just about everyone I know. That’s not entirely true, but I did see a lot of people, and it was great. I even saw a friend from high school that I used to be really close with – one of those friends that you inexplicably lose connection with – and he’s about to graduate with a UCLA acting degree. If I could see the future and see us making a film together, that would be nice. I would welcome that.

There were a few drumline-people hangouts, a New Year’s extravaganza, and even a brief Wacky Sock reunion. Christmas was splendid, full of the usual kindhearted overspending (I received a lot of very cool camera stuff that I intend to use), and in some ways it felt as if I’d never left Texas. Once the hanging out slowed down, though, there was a feeling that I’d left a project unfinished in Nashville. Is that a weird way of thinking of it? Of course it is. Texas treated me well in the week and a half that I was back, and if you happened to have not seen me during that time, you have my apologies. Come visit me, or something.

On one day adventuring with my family, we went around downtown Dallas. I got a lot of cool shots and generally looked like a tourist.

When 2011 left us, I’m not sure what I was doing. Probably talking or looking at something. Point being, I didn’t watch the ball drop or any countdown, which is a shame since it’s the last one and all. 2012 quickly saw me back to Nashville, which was bittersweet since my family is awesome, but East Nasty took me in with welcoming arms, tossing me a 22-degree cold front as a welcome back present.

A few weeks ago I went to Jackson, TN, for a business trip (how weird is it that I can say “business trip” in all seriousness? Pretty weird.). I stayed overnight at a nice Doubletree hotel, and even though Jackson is a few stones’ throws from an exciting place (like, a lot of stones), the novelty of having the company cover my travel expenses was fun. I had a $22 dinner and spent the night in my hotel room writing a story for a contest. The story was posted on this very blog, and can be found here. The winners will be announced soon and since there only appear to be 8 entries, I’m keeping hope alive.

That’s it for now, world. I’ll leave you with one last video, a compilation of commercials that I shot to be used in the aforementioned forthcoming short film. Enjoy!


~ by Jonathan Forisha on January 4, 2012.

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