A Quick One

2012 has been turbulent so far. I’ve kept busy doing all manners of things, and no matter how social I am, I feel like I need to know more people. It’s like I’ve become a friend monster and I’m just always craving fresh meat. Maybe I’m making up for lost time since I think in the past I refrained from hanging out excessively. Maybe it was my dependence on my series of long-term girlfriends, or maybe it was just that I didn’t want anyone to notice that I actually have wings protruding from my spine.

I’ve fallen into the work routine. The monotony of it and the predictability of it are what will kill me, not the actual work. I’ve found a few video production companies around Nashville and Atlanta that somehow manage to actually make money, so once I figure out what they’re doing and how hard it is to do it, I may or may not give in to this dangerous whispering telling me that freelancing would be awesome.

Speaking of which, I finished my short film, The Restless Restroom. Here it is:

The editing took quite some time, but it was more due to my computer’s limitations than anything to do with the video. My computer, which runs games like Crysis and TF2 and L4D2 just swimmingly, does not get along with Premiere Pro. In fact, during playback while I’m editing, it will frequently decide that the audio and video no longer need to be linked up. Apparently 3GB of RAM is not good enough for Adobe.

With each short that I make, I come out of it feeling like I learned so much that I should just re-shoot it. My audio is still the weakest part, but I think I know how to go about fixing that. This is my first narrative short using my new camera (a Canon T3i), and it’s about a metric crapton better than my admittedly impressive (for its price) Kodak Zi8. I wonder if successful directors feel the same way once one of their films finally gets released. Do they look back on it and say, “Well, that was okay, but I know I can do a lot better.”? In a way, it’s the best motivator you could have, but it could also be really frustrating. Someone comes up and says they loved it and you say WELL YOU’VE SEEN NOTHING YET!

Oscar nominations came out and I was pretty disappointed. Martha Marcy May Marlene, Drive, and Shame were all denied nominations – and even though I didn’t see many (or even most) of those that were actually nominated, those three were truly great films. Go see them. You won’t regret it. Unless you hate movies about cults, expressionless getaway drivers, and naked Michael Fassbender, in that order.

Brit and I have been making more and more musics. He got a USB mic and we’ll start getting better quality recordings up soon, in addition to hopefully unveiling the Always Tender Cowboy Child melodies to the general public. They will love us and will foot-stomp along with our tunes for many moons to come. For the past two Tuesdays we visited 5Spot, where they have 5 bands play 5 songs each. It’s been interesting seeing the different styles in East Nashville. Maybe soon enough we’ll be playing there. AND MELTING FACES.

Last Friday we again teamed up with Preston to film another dancing video. After getting something like 24GB of video footage of him dancing through crowds in a mall and parading around with a flash mob, he spent the weekend knee-deep in editing and finally produced a cohesive end-product. Here it is:

As we continue to trudge through this unseasonably warm Winter, things continue to progress. Nashville feels more and more like a home, despite my family being so far away, and I definitely don’t regret having moved here. It’s cool and you should come visit.

Until next time.





~ by Jonathan Forisha on February 2, 2012.

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