Kicking a Project to Life

I wrote a script for a short film about a guy and a girl and the unnamed and unseen monster that lives and feeds in the basement of an abandoned prison. The script was initially inspired into fruition by my happening across a prison just north of Nashville that’s been closed since 1992. After finishing the script and finding some actors, I found that the “free to film” location actually requires a Certificate of Insurance, which could cost up to $1000.

Amazon runs a neat site called Kickstarter which allows for people to donate money to creative projects. For a while I thought it would be interesting to start my own Kickstarter, and with the insurance fees looming suddenly larger than I can stomach, I thought now would be a good time.

It’s all explained here:

My goal is $2000, and I honestly have no idea if I’ll reach it by the time my deadline, March 18, rolls around. As far as Kickstarter projects go, $2000 is actually very little (the game company Double Fine is currently setting all kinds of records with a project that hit $1.9 million after a week – far exceeding their $400k goal), but me and my network of friends are still quite young and pretty much unanimously don’t have money.

Meeting and charming an heiress would be nice, or maybe just striking rich on gold deposits that I haven’t yet discovered in the golf course behind my house, but until those (or the far more realistic but seemingly-impossible possibility of a legitimate producer appearing) occur, I’ll stick with my Kickstarter experiment. If it fails, then at least I tried, but obviously it would be thrilling if it worked.

I keep reading about big budget films that are panned across the board for pretty basic things like bad writing or poor pacing or uninspired acting. I certainly wouldn’t call myself experienced, but I feel like if I had just a fraction of the budget of some of these truly awful movies, the possibilities would suddenly open up.

My dream transitioned from wanting to become an author, a profession constantly plagued by a lack of income in the early years, to wanting to become a filmmaker, where a lack of money can literally kill your whole project.

Money, it’s a gas.

Go here to check it out in more detail.


~ by Jonathan Forisha on February 19, 2012.

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