The Kicking Ends

About a month ago I started a Kickstarter to raise enough money for me to film a long (~25 minutes) short film in an abandoned prison just north of Nashville. Raising the stakes with both content (this would be a horror short as opposed to my comedy-horrors in the past) and audience (Kickstarters are a great way to publicize a project) seemed like the next logical step in my path to almost-inconceivably-slim chances of achieving my filmmaking goals.

A mere 21 minutes ago, that Kickstarter’s deadline was reached, even though a full week ago it officially reached its funding. The final count is $2025/$2000. I’ve already bought a new field recorder and will soon be investing in some lights. I’m working on a movie poster right now and insurance and other paperwork’s on the way. Shooting for Employment will most likely happen in mid-May.

Aside from movie news, Nashville life has treated me well. Our college roommates visited and we led them on an insane non-stop tour of the city and its ability to provide great food and lots of alcohol, and it was a good time. It’s been a few weeks shy of 6 months since I moved here and things feel more like home.

It got warm – hopefully to last- and then our A/C decided it would stop working. You may be thinking that this is no big deal since 80-degree weather certainly doesn’t require a huge A/C commitment, but when the fan simplywon’t work, that 80-degree weather becomes an 80-degree house, and then there are few moments when one is not very very slightly sweating.

But with the warmth comes hanging out on the porch, watching beautiful sunsets give way to weird spring storms, and bike riding. Summer will be splendid, as will the 4-day trip to Chicago that’s happening this Thursday.

Big things are on the way. To sate that thirst I know all of you have for new content, here’s a video (the first!) of Always Tender Cowboy Child playing one of those excellent Always Tender Cowboy Child songs.



~ by Jonathan Forisha on March 18, 2012.

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