Adults Off to Chicago

Taking a temporary respite from plugging information about my forthcoming short film, this blog will again become a travel blog. Why? Because traveling is super fun and so is writing about it. I like to tell you people the things that make my life interesting. Is it cocky? Self-absorbed? Sure. But you’re reading it, so what does that make you?

Brit and I are headed to Chicago for four days. Why are we doing this? Because he happened to have off four consecutive days from work and I happened to ask for Friday and Monday off (and happened to get them) and we happen to have a car capable of taking us the ~8 hours from Music City to Windy City. Oh, and because we’re adults and you can’t tell us what to do.—things-adults-can-do

I have never been to Chicago. I am quite excited, despite my having seen The Interrupters.

And so, for the next few days, there will be pictures of Chicago and recountings of our adventures there.

When I return, I’ll finish casting for one short film and start the re-casting on the other. Why am I re-casting, you may ask yourself. That would be because my leading man was unfortunately preoccupied to the point of making Employment not possible in the time frame I wanted to make it in. And thus, a new actor. Fear not! It will still happen.


~ by Jonathan Forisha on March 21, 2012.

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