Barbarians and Ghosts

Much has happened since last I wrote here. I’ll keep this relatively short (Impossible, you say!), as I’m due for a much longer recap of the shooting of my short film.

I spent a weekend shooting my largest project to date – Employment – at an abandoned prison north of Nashville. It was a lot of fun and a lot of work, and in the end I slept very very well. Now I just have to edit that beast down, and soon will be a blog post entirely devoted to what’s going on there.

Once I got knee-deep in the editing of that, Andrew and I discovered a fake movie trailer contest. We then made a fake movie trailer, entitled Andrew Jackson Barbarian, and put it online for the world to view.

As with most open contests, the judges have rules in place to narrow down the contestants. Those rules happen to include a popularity contest via Facebook, in which we aren’t faring very well at the moment. I hate those kinds of rules, but that’s how it goes, so all I can do is insist that you follow this link and vote for us. I’m pretty proud of the final product, for what that’s worth (quite a bit, I’d say).


~ by Jonathan Forisha on June 19, 2012.

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