One Year Later

One year ago today, I packed up my ’96 Toyota and drove to Nashville. Upon arriving in town with an unnervingly large amount of my worldly possessions surrounding me in my car, Brit and I drove to some duplex on the east side of town, dangerously close to train tracks. We signed papers and suddenly the duplex was ours, and over time we came to love those train tracks.

ImageIt’s an event that has been more or less beaten to death in the digital pages of this blog, but I feel like the one-year anniversary should be noted nonetheless. It’s been a good year filled with all kinds of things. I met a lot of people, did a lot of things I hadn’t done before, discovered the joys of having an actual income, and made a lot of short films. It’s been good.

One of those short films is Employment, which is pretty much all that’s been happening on this blog for the past few months (and, in that respect, was all that was really going on with me for a few months). After keeping it privately listed on YouTube for my Kickstarter supporters to bask in its Death Row glow, I’ve now made it public. So have at it.

Nashville’s central location (at least central when compared to Texas) has allowed us to take some road trips. So far I’ve been to Memphis, Chattanooga, Chicago, and last weekend we were in St. Louis, which is a much stranger city than I’d expected. Built for the 821,000 people that lived there in 1950, it now houses 318,000. Empty houses and buildings are practically everywhere. Zombies haven’t yet risen, but it’s only a matter of time, really.


We saw City MuseumImage, which is basically a playground for adults that kids happened to occupy. There are caves with tons of dead ends, a tree house, copious slides, and a ten-story slide. We also saw the Cathedral Basilica, which has the largest mosaic collection in the world. The food was pretty good at filling our bellies and making our mouths happy. At our host’s suggestion we brought bikes and biked all over the city (possible due to a shortage of car traffic).

Yesterday I got up at 5:30am, a time of day that humans aren’t supposed to see. I did it so I could take the GRE, which is required to get into grad school. As I cooked bacon and eggs before the test, I checked which of the schools I’m going to apply to actually require the GRE, and it turns out that only UT Austin does. So I took a 4-hour test for one school. Oh well, it was a blast!

ImageAfter that I filed for a new passport since mine appears to have hitchhiked out of town following my Japan trip two years ago. And then I packed up the room.

A year after moving into our duplex, we’re packing up and leaving it. You’ve been good to us, duplex. Sorry about all the screaming and blood. Oh, so much blood…

The new place is a house, owned by our friend JB, who went through an incredible amount of waiting, paperwork, and dragon-slaying in order to finally close on it. But it finally happened and there’s a basement and a garage, and a lot more space than our homely duplex. 

Tomorrow is the start of the greatest month of the year. The succulent nectar of Halloween will soon be in Imagethe air, and with it comes an unholy amount of horror movies and various festivities. I’ve been purposefully avoiding horror movies of late (a difficult thing to do, believe you me), so October’s going to feel especially fresh and slashery. And isn’t a good slashery feeling what every month is really going for?


~ by Jonathan Forisha on September 30, 2012.

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