Unemployment and Travel

Hello again, lovely blogosphere.

It seems like October is the time for big change for me each year. Last year I moved to Tennessee and got a job, and this year I moved into a house and quit my job.

I’m applying to grad school for screenwriting and have been trying to get the materials together, so that’s been fun. The acceptance rate is absurdly low in all of the schools, and they’re unanimously expensive, so even if I get in I’ll have to figure out what exactly I plan on doing with it.

I haven’t shot any films in a while. I got into a groove a few months ago of constantly having something to edit, so it feels a bit odd now to just be working on scripts. Soon, though, new things will be on the way…

The house Brit and I moved into is a three-story lady with each floor sporting its own kitchen and bathroom. Each of us and JB, the owner, took our own floor. I ended up in the basement, where I growl and occasionally throw bones at passers-by. I’ve managed to make it livable, but when we first moved in it looked fit only for bodies and rarely-used exercise equipment. My parents saw it when they visited and were convinced it was the last time they would see me alive. I’m trying to prove them wrong by staying alive.

Speaking of which, we went to the Carter House in Franklin, where 10,000 soldiers died in 5 hours during the Civil War. How’s that for a massacre? Our extremely passionate tour guide (he would frequently talk with his eyes closed because he was feeling the history) had stiff competition in our whiskey tour guide when we toured the Jack Daniel’s Distillery later that day. The Distillery tour guide was goofy but knowledgeable, insisting that he had the best job in the world because once a month every employee gets a free bottle of Jack.

In four hours I’m going to the airport and I’m going to board a plane that will take me to Chicago, and then another one that will take me to Paris. After two nights there, I’m going to Prague for three nights, and then Budapest for another two, before boarding a plane that will take me to London and then another to Chicago and then finally one more back home to Nashville. This is only the second time I’ve left the continent (the first being Japan for two and a half weeks a little over two years ago. I thought I’d written about it in this blog but I apparently didn’t. Suffice it to say it was a great trip, though the excruciatingly fast and poorly-organized Japanese class that was happening during the trip made it a tad bit more stressful than visiting ancient Japanese temples ought to be), and I’m very excited.

I’m meeting a girl there and we’re going to see things, things like the Louvre and maybe even a cathedral made of bones. I speak no European languages and am curious how much the French will hate the fact that I’ll be wearing a jumpsuit with the American flag emblazoned proudly upon it. Freedom Fries!

If you’re particularly astute you may wonder how on earth I’m able to leave the country for a week, since surely I’ve used all of my vacation at work. You’d be correct. I’d long known my job wasn’t what I wanted to do for a long time, and my unhappiness eventually led me to give my two weeks’ notice. So yes, I quit my day job and am now traveling to Europe. When I come back I’m going to be tirelessly calling video production houses trying to snag a new job.

The weird part? I’m not that worried about it. Stupid and naive though it may be, I’m fairly confident in my ability to find something that fits me better than this last job. I have enough saved to float for a little while, and though being unemployed obviously isn’t the best possible option, it does give me a lot of time to perfect my grad school applications and make some more films.

So there you have it. This blog will soon be a travel blog once again (be sure to go back and check out my Summer Road Trip, Portland, Nashville, Chicago, and St. Louis entries), though I most likely won’t be updating while actually on my trip, because my laptop’s rather heavy and I’m leaving him behind.

But don’t you worry! Once I return there’ll be a smorgasbord of pictures and words arranged in an order to convey thoughts and recount things that happened. And they’ll be fun and they’ll be good and they’ll be cultural and stuff.

For now I leave you with this, a walk-through of my basement lair.


~ by Jonathan Forisha on November 1, 2012.

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